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Altamimi, Z. (2018) The UN-GGIM initiative on the Global Geodetic Reference Frame and the fundamental contribution of VLBI: Strengths and Weaknesses, Presented at the 10th IVS General Meeting, Longyearbyen, Norway 3-8 June

Altamimi, Z., X. Collilieux, K. Chanard, P. Rebischung and L. Métivier (2018) ITRF and seasonal station motions, EGU General Assembly 2018 Download

Altamimi, Z., X. Collilieux, P. Rebischung, L. Métivier and K. Chanard (2018) ITRF: Three decades of research and development, current status and future plans, 42nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly 2018, jul 2018 Download

Altamimi, Z., P. Rebischung, X. Collilieux, L. Métivier and K. Chanard (2018) Review of Reference Frame Representations for a Deformable Earth, IX Hotine-Marussi Symposium 2018

Benoist, C., X. Collilieux, P. Rebischung, Z. Altamimi, L. Bel, K. Chanard, O. Jamet and L. Métivier (2018) Spatial correlations in IGS station position time series, European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2018, apr 2018

Bruni, S., P. Rebischung, S. Zerbini, Z. Altamimi, M. Errico and E. Santi (2018) Assessment of the possible contribution of space ties on-board GNSS satellites to the terrestrial reference frame, Journal of Geodesy, vol. 92, n. 4, pp. 383--399, doi:10.1007/s00190-017-1069-z

Chanard, K., L. Fleitout, P. Rebischung, L. Métivier, X. Collilieux and Z. Altamimi (2018) Comparing non-linear geocenter motion derived from GNSS and SLR observations corrected for loading and thermoelastic deformation, 42nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly 2018., jul 2018

Collilieux, X., K. Chanard, Z. Altamimi, P. Rebischung, L. Métivier, J. Ray and D. Coulot (2018) Comparison of the seasonal displacement parameters estimated in the ITRF2014 processing, what can we learn?, 42nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly 2018, jul 2018

Collilieux, X., Z. Altamimi, P. Rebischung and L. Métivier (2018) Coordinate kinematic models in the International Terrestrial Reference Frame releases, Special issue for Professor Emeritus Athanasios Dermanis, Quod Erat Demonstrandum – In quest of the ultimate geodetic insight, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, AUTh

Métivier, L., H. Rouby, P. Rebischung and Z. Altamimi (2018) ITRF2014 and Earth figure changes: evidence of global viscous relaxation in recent ice melting Earth’s response?, Abstract 7567 presented at EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, 8-13 Apr.

Rebischung, P., Z. Altamimi, K. Chanard and L. Métivier (2018) Towards a realistic spatio-temporal description of GNSS station position time series, Abstract 5136 presented at EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, 8-13 Apr.

Rebischung, P., B. Garayt and Z. Altamimi (2018) IGS Reference Frame Working Group Coordinator Report 2017, International GNSS Service

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