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Articles dans des revues internationales ou nationales avec comité de lecture répertoriées dans les bases de données internationales.

Alraddawi, D., A. Sarkissian, Ph. Keckhut, O. Bock, S. Noël, S. Bekki, A. Irbah, M. Meftah and C. Claud (2018) Comparison of total water vapour content in the Arctic derived from GPS, AIRS, MODIS and SCIAMACHY, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, vol. 2017, pp. 1--23, doi:10.5194/amt-2017-195

Campanelli, M., A. Mascitelli, P. Sanò, H. Diémoz, V. Estellés, S. Federico, A.M. Lannarelli, F. Fratarcangeli, A. Mazzoni, E. Realini, M. Crespi, O. Bock, J.A. Martínez-Lozano and S. Dietrich (2018) Precipitable water vapour content from ESR/SKYNET sun--sky radiometers: validation against GNSS/GPS and AERONET \hack\break over three different sites in Europe, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, vol. 11, n. 1, pp. 81--94, doi:10.5194/amt-11-81-2018

Stepniak, K., O. Bock and P. Wielgosz (2018) Reduction of ZTD outliers through improved GNSS data processing and screening strategies, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, vol. 11, pp. 1347--1361, doi:10.5194/amt-11-1347-2018

Alraddawi, D., Ph. Keckhut, A. Sarkissian, O. Bock, A. Irbah, S. Bekki, C. Claud and M. Meftah (2017) Enhanced MODIS Atmospheric Total Water Vapour Content Trends in Response to Arctic Amplification, Atmosphere, vol. 8, n. 12, doi:10.3390/atmos8120241

Caldas-Álvarez, A., S. Khodayar and O. Bock (2017) GPS-Zenith Total Delay assimilation in different resolution simulations of a heavy precipitation event over southern France, Advances in Science and Research, vol. 14, pp. 157--162, doi:10.5194/asr-14-157-2017

David, L., O. Bock, C. Thom, P. Bosser and J. Pelon (2017) Study and mitigation of calibration factor instabilities in a water vapor Raman lidar, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, vol. 10, n. 7, pp. 2745--2758, doi:10.5194/amt-10-2745-2017

Taylor, C., D. Belusic, F. Guichard, D.E. Parker, T. Vischel, O. Bock, P.P. Harris, S. Janicot, C. Klein and G. Panthou (2017) Frequency of extreme Sahelian storms tripled since 1982 in satellite observations, Nature, vol. 544, pp. 475, doi:10.1038/nature22069

Adler, B., N. Kalthoff, M. Kohler, J. Handwerker, A. Wieser, U. Corsmeier, C. Kottmeier, D. Lambert and O. Bock (2016) The variability of water vapour and pre-convective conditions over the mountainous island of Corsica, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, vol. 142, n. S1, pp. 335--346, doi:10.1002/qj.2545

Bock, O., P. Bosser, R. Pacione, M. Nuret, N. Fourrié and A. Parracho (2016) A high-quality reprocessed ground-based GPS dataset for atmospheric process studies, radiosonde and model evaluation, and reanalysis of HyMeX Special Observing Period, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, vol. 142, pp. 56--71, doi:10.1002/qj.2701

Duffourg, F., O. Nuissier, V. Ducrocq, C. Flamant, P. Chazette, J. Delanoë, A. Doerenbecher, N. Fourrié, P. Di Girolamo, C. Lac, D. Legain, M. Martinet, F. Saïd and O. Bock (2016) Offshore deep convection initiation and maintenance during the HyMeX IOP 16a heavy precipitation event, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, vol. 142, pp. 259--274, doi:10.1002/qj.2725

Guerova, G., J. Jones, J. Dousa, G. Dick, S. de Haan, E. Pottiaux, O. Bock, R. Pacione, G. Elgered, H. Vedel and M. Bender (2016) Review of the state of the art and future prospects of the ground-based GNSS meteorology in Europe, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, vol. 9, pp. 5385--5406, doi:10.5194/amt-9-5385-2016 Download

Khodayar, S., G. Fosser, S. Berthou, S. Davolio, Ph. Drobinski, V. Ducrocq, R. Ferretti, M. Nuret, E. Pichelli, E. Richard and O. Bock (2016) A seamless weather–climate multi-model intercomparison on the representation of a high impact weather event in the western Mediterranean: HyMeX IOP12, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, vol. 142, pp. 433--452, doi:10.1002/qj.2700

Khodayar, S., F. Raff, N. Kalthoff and O. Bock (2016) Diagnostic study of a high-precipitation event in the Western Mediterranean: adequacy of current operational networks, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, vol. 142, pp. 72--85, doi:10.1002/qj.2600

Chazette, P., C. Flamant, X. Shang, J. Totems, J.-C. Raut, A. Doerenbecher, V. Ducrocq, N. Fourrié, O. Bock and S. Cloché (2015) A multi-instrument and multi-model assessment of atmospheric moisture variability over the Western Mediterranean during HyMeX, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, vol. 142, n. S1, pp. 7--22, doi:10.1002/qj.2671

Communications avec actes dans un congrès international.

Van Malderen, R., E. Pottiaux, A. Klos, O. Bock, J. Bogusz, B. Chimani, M. Elias, M. Gruszczynska, J. Guijarro, S. Zengin Kazanci and T. Ning (2017) Homogeneizing GPS integrated water vapour time series: methodology and benchmarking the algorithms on synthetic datasets, Ninth Seminar for Homogenization and Quality Control in Climatological Databases, and Fourth Conference on Spatial Interpolation Techniques in Climatology and Meteorology , n. 85, Climate Data and Monitoring WCDMP, World Meteorological Organisation

Totems, J., P. Chazette, X. Shang, C. Flamant, J.-C. Raut, A. Doerenbecher, V. Ducrocq, O. Bock and F. Marnas (2015) Water Vapor Measurements by Mobile Raman Lidar Over The Mediterranean Sea in the Framework of HyMex: Application to Multi-Platform Validation of Moisture Profiles, EPJ Web of Conferences, vol. 119-26006, doi:10.1051/epjconf/201611926006 (Presented at the 27th International Laser Radar Conference (ILRC 27), 5-10 July 2015, New York City, New York, USA)

Communications orales sans actes dans un congrès international ou national.

Bosser, P. and O. Bock (2018) Quality assessment and screening of GPS ZTD estimates, Presented at the 26th IUGG General Assembly 2015, Jun 2015, Prague, Czech Republic. 2015. (hal-01170012)

Bock, O. and R. Pacione (2017) GNSS climatology: A summary of findings from the COST Action ES1206 GNSS4SWEC, Presented at the EGU General assembly (Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 19, EGU2017-12751)

Jones, J., G. Guerova, J. Dousa, G. Dick, S. de Haan, E. Pottiaux and O. Bock (2017) COST Action ES1206: Advanced GNSS Tropospheric Products for Monitoring Severe Weather Events and Climate (GNSS4SWEC), Presented at the 1st Baltic Earth Conference "Multiple drivers for Earth system changes in the Baltic Sea region", Nida, Curonian Spit, Lithuania, 13-17 June 2016

Jones, J., G. Guerova, J. Dousa, G. Dick, S.D. Haan, E. Pottiaux, O. Bock and R. Pacione (2017) The Current Status and Future of GNSS-Meteorology in Europe, Presented at the AGU Fall Meeting (abstract G31D-0933)

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