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Articles dans des revues internationales ou nationales avec comité de lecture répertoriées dans les bases de données internationales.

Pospichal, B., D. Bou Karam, S. Crewell, C. Flamant, A. Hünerbein, O. Bock and F. Saïd (2010) Diurnal cycle of the inter-tropical discontinuity over West Africa analysed by remote sensing and mesoscale modelling, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, in press, doi:200910.1002/qj.435

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van Camp, M., L. Métivier, O. de Viron, B. Meurers and S. Williams (2010) Characterizing long-time scale hydrological effects on gravity for improved distinction of tectonic signals, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 115, n. B07407, doi:10.1029/2009JB006615

van Dam, T.M., Z. Altamimi, X. Collilieux and J. Ray (2010) Topographically Induced Height Errors in Predicted Atmospheric Loading Effects, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 115, n. B07415, doi:10.1029/2009JB006810

Abbondanza, C., Z. Altamimi, P. Sarti, M. Negusini and L. Vittuari (2009) Local effects of redundant terrestrial and GPS-based tie vectors in ITRF-like combinations, Journal of Geodesy, vol. 83, n. 11, pp. 1031--1040, doi:10.1007/s00190-009-0321-6

Agusti-Panareda, A., D. Vasiljevic, A. Beljaars, O. Bock, F. Guichard, M. Nuret, J.-P. Lafore, E. Andersson, P. Bechtold, A. Fink, H. Hersbach, A. Garcia Mendez, J.-B. Ngamini, D.J. Parker, J.L. Redelsperger and A. Tompkins (2009) Radiosonde humidity bias correction over the West African region for the special AMMA reanalysis at ECMWF, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, vol. 135, n. 640, pp. 595--617, doi:10.1002/qj.396

Altamimi, Z. and X. Collilieux (2009) IGS contribution to ITRF, Journal of Geodesy, vol. 83, n. 3-4, pp. 375--383, doi:10.1007/s00190-008-0294-x

Amalvict, M., P. Willis, G. Wöppelmann, E. Ivins, M.-N. Bouin, L. Testut and J. Hinderer (2009) Isostatic stability of the East Antarctic station Dumont d’Urville from long-term geodetic observations and geophysical models, Polar Research, vol. 28, n. 2, pp. 193--202, doi:10.1111/j.1751-8369.2008.00091.x

Amory-Mazaudier, C., S. Basu, O. Bock, A. Combrink, K. Groves, T. Fuller Rowell, P. Lassudrie-Duchesne, M. Petitdidier and E. Yizengaw (2009) International Heliophysical Year: GPS Network in Africa, Earth, Moon and Planets, vol. 104, n. 1-4, doi:10.1007/s11038-008-9273-8

Ballu, V., J. Ammann, O. Pot, O. de Viron, G. Sasagawa, G. Reverdin, M.-N. Bouin, M. Cannat, C. Deplus, S. Deroussi, M. Maia and M. Diament (2009) A seafloor experiment to monitor vertical deformation at the Lucky Strike volcano, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Journal of Geodesy, vol. 83, n. 2, pp. 147-159, doi:10.1007/s00190-008-0248-3

Bergeot, N., M.-N. Bouin, M. Diament, B. Pelletier, M. Régnier, S. Calmant and V. Ballu (2009) Horizontal and vertical interseismic velocity fields in the Vanuatu subduction zone from GPS measurements: Evidence for a central Vanuatu locked zone, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 114, n. B06405, doi:10.1029/2007JB005249

Bock, O. and M. Nuret (2009) Verification of NWP model analyses and radiosonde humidity data with GPS precipitable water vapor estimates during AMMA, Weather and Forecasting, vol. 24, n. 4, pp. 1085-1101, doi:10.1175/2009WAF2222239.1

Bouin, M.-N., V. Ballu, S. Calmant and B. Pelletier (2009) Improving resolution and accuracy of mean sea surface from kinematic GPS, Vanuatu subduction zone, Journal of Geodesy, vol. 83, n. 11, pp. 1017--1030, doi:10.1007/s00190-009-0320-7

Bouin, M.-N., V. Ballu, S. Calmant, J.M. Boré, E. Folcher and J. Ammann (2009) A kinematic GPS methodology for sea surface mapping, Vanuatu, Journal of Geodesy, vol. 83, n. 12, pp. 1203--1217, doi:10.1007/s00190-009-0338-x

Champollion, C., O. Bock, C. Flamant, F. Masson, D. Turner and T. Weckwerth (2009) Mesoscale GPS tomography applied to the 12 June 2002 convective initiation event of IHOP_2002, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, vol. 135, n. 640, pp. 645--662, doi:10.1002/qj.386

Champollion, C., P. Drobinski, M. Haeffelin, O. Bock, J. Tarniewicz, M.-N. Bouin and R. Vautard (2009) Water vapour variability induced by urban surface heterogeneities during convective conditions, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, vol. 135, n. 642, pp. 1266--1276, doi:10.1002/qj.446

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Drobinski, P., L. Bustin, S. Janicot, O. Bock, A. Dabas, P. Delville and O. Reitebuch (2009) On the late northward propagation of the West African monsoon in summer 2006 in the region of Niger/Mali, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 114, n. D09108, doi:10.1029/2008JD011159

Faccani, C., F. Rabier, N. Fourrié, A. Agusti-Panareda, F. Karbou, P. Moll, J.-P. Lafore, M. Nuret, F. Hdidou and O. Bock (2009) The impacts of the AMMA radiosonde data on the French global assimilation and forecast system, Weather and Forecasting, vol. 24, n. 5, pp. 1268--1286, doi:10.1175/2009WAF2222237.1

Gobinddass, M.-L., P. Willis, O. de Viron, A. Sibthorpe, J.C. Ries, N.P. Zelensky, Y.E. Bar-Sever, M. Diament and R. Ferland (2009) Systematic biases in DORIS-derived geocenter time series related to solar pressure mis-modeling, Journal of Geodesy, vol. 83, n. 9, pp. 849--858, doi:10.1007/s00190-009-0303-8

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