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Plan Oblique Relief for Web Maps

Bernhard Jenny, Jonas Buddeberg, Charlotte Hoarau, Johannes Liem
AutoCarto 2014 Conference - oct 2014

Plan oblique relief shows terrain with a side view on a two-dimensional map,resulting in visualizations where the third dimension of the terrain is more explicit than on traditional two-dimensional maps. Existing plan oblique maps are static: the angle of terrain inclination is not adjustable and the orientation of plan oblique inclination does not change with the orientation of the map. This article introduces two complementary methods that address these issues by using the 3D graphics pipeline to render plan oblique relief. The first method prerenders plan oblique tiles with a server-side application. The second method renders plan oblique relief on-the-fly in a web browser using WebGL and OpenLayers 3. A digital terrain model is divided into tiles and loaded by the web browser. The browser applies the plan oblique transformation to terrain tiles,computes a shaded relief, and texturizes the final image with other map tiles. The resulting web map can be rotated and the plan oblique terrain automatically adjusts to the orientation of the map. Users can change the terrain inclination angle to adjust the three-dimensional effect. The presented technique makes it possible to convert a tile-based web map into a plan oblique map in real time.

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