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Map Specifications and User Requirements

Sandrine Balley, Blanca Baella, Sidonie Christophe, Maria Pla, Nicolas Regnauld, Jantien Stoter
Abstracting Geographic Information in a Data Rich World, Springer International Publishing, page 17--52 - 2014

{In traditional generalisation flow lines, the target map is specified upstream, manually, by cartographers and is intended to answer generic, well-identified user needs. In the emerging context of on-demand mapping, maps have to be derived automatically for users whose requirements are not known in advance, and who may need to integrate their own data. The definition of suitable target map specifications thus becomes part of the service, which raises challenges that are explored in this chapter. The first challenge is to set up a formal map specifications model, rich enough to guide the whole map derivation process. The second challenge is to collect requirements and to assist the user, who is not supposed to be a map designer, in the specification of a map usable for their task and one that respects cartographic standards.}

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