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Why and How Evaluating Generalised Data ? Developments in Spatial Data Handling

Sylvain Bard, Anne Ruas
Developments in Spatial Data Handling, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, page 327--342 - 2005

This paper presents our proposal to evaluate generalised data from non generalised data. We propose a methodology of evaluation that decomposes the process of evaluation into sub-processes where the user can enter his own specifications and criteria of evaluation. We also propose different levels of synthesis according to the evaluation needs. The evaluation can be an 'evaluation for editing' to detect and correct generalisation inconsistencies, a 'descriptive evaluation' to describe more precisely how the data set represents the reality, or a 'evaluation for marking' to compare different generalisations. Of course working on data evaluation is also very useful to improve generalisation software. The proposed methodology is implemented on {Laser-Scan} Lamps2 {GIS} and has been tested on real geo-graphical data base (the {IGN}-France {BDTopo}{\copyright}) to produce maps at medium scale.

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