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Quality Assessment of Cartographic Generalisation

Sylvain Bard
Transactions in GIS, Volume 8, Number 1, page 63--81 - 2004

This paper proposes a methodology to assess the quality of cartographic generalisa-tion, which consists of representing geographic space in a simplified way according to the scale and the objectives of the intended map. The automation of this process makes the derivation of data easier, but the quality of the results is often not evaluated. This paper proposes an assessment model based on: (1) characterisation of the data in their initial and final states at different levels of analysis; (2) a data quality assessment by comparison of the two characterisations; and (3) aggregation of the various assessment results to summarise data quality. The assessment algorithm has been implemented and the method has been tested to assess the generalisation of a small urban area. A visualisation tool for assessment of the results has been developed to validate the generalisation evaluation. The results of the research are presented and discussed at the end of the paper.

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