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Compromising contextual constraints and cartographic rules : Application to sustainable maps

16th AutoCarto Conference (AutoCarto'10) - 15-19 November 2010

The necessary adaptation of mapping applications generates new constraints which should be considered in addition to the traditional cartographic rules used to design maps. Particularly, colors used in the legend could be optimized regarding those constraints. A big stake of such optimization is to preserve the semiotic quality of maps. Therefore, we propose a quantification of the cartographic quality of a map regarding a given reference map and considering semantic rules of association, differentiation and order supposed to be conveyed by the colors of the map. Some mobile devices required more energy to display dark colors than lighter ones. Our example of contextual constraint is then the optimization of the colors in order to lower the energy required to display a map. Three map samples have been designed, while taking more or less into consideration conventional uses of colors for relevant themes: hydrography, vegetation and the background layer. We discuss on how to find the best compromise between a contextual constraint (the energy required to display a map on a screen of a mobile device in our example) and the cartographic consistency on colors regarding the initial semantic relationships in the legend. This supposes to evaluate how far a map supposed to follow cartographic rules can be altered while preserving its semiotic quality.

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