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CollaGen: Collaboration between automatic cartographic Generalisation Processes

Advances in Cartography and GIScience, Volume 1, page 541--558 - 2011

Cartographic generalisation seeks to summarise geographical information to produce legible maps at smaller scales. Past research led to the development of many automated cartographic generalisation processes, each one being more or less specialised to a particular problem: a landscape like urban areas, a data theme like land use, a cartographic conflict like linear symbol overlap or most of the time of mix of the three. This paper deals with the development of a model allowing collaborative generalisation i.e. the collaboration between automatic processes like these in order to tackle the generalisation of a complete map. {CollaGen}, our proposed model, allows to partition data in geographic spaces and to find to best suited process to generalise each space. The applications of a process on a space are automatically orchestrated. Interoperability between processes is managed thanks to formal constraints and side effects are monitored after each process application. Results from {CollaGen} prototype are shown and discussed.

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