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GeOxygene: An Open 3D Framework for the Development of Geographic Applications

12th International Conference on Geographic Information Science (AGILE) - jun 2009

Some others authors also define 3D GIS by a list of functionalities expected. [Pouliot, 2006] said that a 3D GIS must own the same abilities as a 2D GIS extended to the third dimension. In [Pouliot,2006] [Poupeau, 2008] and [Rahman, 2001], this list is detailed. A 3D GIS has to provide: • Creation and edition of geometric primitives in 3D (point, line, polygon and polyhedron), • Navigation and visualization in a 3D universe, • Loading and exporting different kinds of data, • Geometric and semantic querying, • Geometrical operators : shape transformation (translation, rotation, 3D buffer) and operators between two geometries (Boolean operators, distance operators). In order to integrate all these functionalities, 3D GIS would be modelled in a unified model. It is thus important to have an internationally recognized model able to integrate different data sources, for applying operators and for sharing data and methods. In this work, the ISO model is chosen because of its standardization, reliability and extendibility. As the third dimension is indispensable to solve 3D specific spatial issues, such as intervisibility, representation of noise pollution or impact of an antenna, the laboratory decided to develop its 3D framework based on the elements presented before in order to lead researches in these domains. This happened because current 3D GIS do not provide all features expected. This framework which contains the main geometrical operators of 3D GIS is designed by extension of GeOxygene: the 2D capitalising platform of the laboratory and implementing according to the ISO model

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