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Antoniou, V., G. Touya and A.-M. Olteanu-Raimond (2016) Quality analysis of the Parisian OSM toponyms evolution, European Handbook of Crowdsourced Geographic Information, chap. 8, pp. 97--112, Cristina Capineri, Muki Haklay, Haosheng Huang, Vyron Antoniou, Juhani Kettunen, Frank Ostermann, Ross Purves Ed., Ubiquity Press, doi:10.5334/bax.h

Dumont, M., G. Touya and C. Duchêne (2016) Assessing the Variation of Visual Complexity in Multi-Scale Maps with Clutter Measures, Proceedings of AGILE workshop on “Automated generalisation for on-demand mapping” and 19th ICA Workshop on Generalisation and Multiple Representation, doi: Download

Dumont, M., G. Touya and C. Duchêne (2016) A Comparative Study of Existing Multi-Scale Maps: What Content at Which Scale?, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Geographic Information Science (GIScience 2016), pp. 92--95 Download  Download

Lokhat, I. and G. Touya (2016) Enhancing Building Footprints with Squaring Operations, Journal of Spatial Information Science (JoSIS), vol. 13 View

Olteanu-Raimond, A.-M., G. Hart, G. Touya, T. Kellenberger, G. Foody and D. Demetriou (2016) The scale of VGI in map production: A perspective of European National Mapping Agencies, Transactions in GIS, doi:10.1111/tgis.12189

Touya, G. (2016) Collaborative Data Production: Research Perspectives, EuroSDR meeting Download

Touya, G. (2016) User Privacy Issues in VGI, COST ENERGIC (IC1203) MC Meeting 7 Download

Touya, G., S. Christophe and C. Hoarau (2016) Clutter and Map Legibility in Automated Cartography: A Research Agenda, Cartographica: The International Journal for Geographic Information and Geovisualization, vol. 51, n. 4, pp. 198-207

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