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Author : Van Damme,Marie-Dominique

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Peer-reviewed papers in journals listed in international databases.

Touya, G., V. Antoniou, A.-M. Olteanu-Raimond and M.-D. Van Damme (2017) Assessing Crowdsourced POI Quality: Combining Methods Based on Reference Data, History, and Spatial Relations, ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, vol. 6, n. 3, pp. 80, doi:10.3390/ijgi6030080 Download

International conference proceedings paper.

Brun, G., C. Dominguès and M.-D. Van Damme (2015) TEXTOMAP : determining geographical window for texts, Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval, GIR'2015, ACM (Paris France.)

Posters presentation.

Olteanu-Raimond, A.-M., C. Duchêne, M. Brasebin, C. Dominguès, S. Mustière and M.-D. Van Damme (2017) From Relative to Absolute Location for Locating Victims in Mountain Area - A Preliminary Study, Proceedings of the 28th International Cartographic Conference (ICC'17)

Other productions.

Van Damme, M.-D. and S. Mustière (2016) Analyse multi-échelles de référentiels vectoriels via SOLAP, 2nd Atelier GAST @ EGC Reims 2016, pp. 47 à 57

Van Damme, M.-D. (2013) GeOxygene : une plate-forme de recherche pour le développement d'applications SIG, 10 juin 2013 Download

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