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Brasebin, M., J. Perret and R. Reuillon (2017) Stochastic Buildings Generation to Assist in the Design of Right to Build Plans, pp. 373--384, Advances in 3D Geoinformation, Springer International Publishing, doi:10.1007/978-3-319-25691-7_21 Download

Peer-reviewed papers in journals listed in international databases.

Brasebin, M., J. Perret, S. Mustière and C. Weber (2017) 3D urban data to assess local urban regulation influence, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, doi: Download  View

Brasebin, M., J. Perret, S. Mustière and C. Weber (2016) A Generic Model to Exploit Urban Regulation Knowledge, ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, vol. 5, n. 2, pp. 14, doi:10.3390/ijgi5020014 Download  View  View

Peer-reviewed papers in journals that are not listed in international databases.

Brasebin, M., J. Perret, S. Mustière and C. Weber (2014) Simuler les évolutions urbaines à l'aide de données géographiques urbaines 3D, Revue Internationale de Géomatique, vol. 24, n. 2, pp. 159--180 View

Brasebin, M., J. Perret and C. Haëck (2011) Un système d'information géographique 3D pour l'exploration des règles d'urbanisme - application à la constructibilité des bâtiments, Revue Internationale de Géomatique, vol. 21, n. 4, pp. 533--556 View  View  View  View  View

Invited communication at international conferences.

Brasebin, M. (2018) Simulation 3D de la constructibilité et utilisations pour l’aménagemen, Séminaire LOCIE

Brasebin, M. (2017) Usages des données topographiques multi-dimensionnelles pour la simulation des évolutions - Travaux de l’axe de recherche sur les dynamiques spatiales, Conférence GOPRO 2017, ENS - Lyon, 13 - 14 décembre 2017 Download

Brasebin, M. (2015) PROJEKT E-PLU, TAGUNG CADASTRESUISSE 2015 "GIS – Jetzt 3D!" Download

Brasebin, M. (2015) Projet e-PLU, Journée du Cadastre Suisse "Maintenant, pensez SIG 3D!" Download

Brasebin, M. (2014) Apport des données géographiques 3D fines pour l’évaluation de l’influence de règles d’urbanisme, Atelier Sageo 2014 AP 3D et usages Download  View  View

Perret, J., M. Brasebin and B. Dumenieu (2012) Usages des données urbaines multi-dimensionnelles, SIG urbains, Sageo 2012, nov 2012 Download

International conference proceedings paper.

Brasebin, M., P. Chapron, G. Chérel, M. Leclaire, I. Lokhat, J. Perret and R. Reuillon (2017) Apports des méthodes d’exploration et de distribution appliquées à la simulation des droits à bâtir, Actes du Colloque International de Géomatique et d'Analyse Spatiale (SAGEO 2017) Download  Download

Brasebin, M., S. Christophe, F. Jacquinod, A. Vinesse and H. Mahon (2016) 3D Geovisualization & stylization to manage comprehensive and participative Local Urban Plans, 11th 3D Geoinfo Conference , pp. 83--91, ISPRS Ann. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., IV-2-W1, doi:doi:10.5194/isprs-annals-IV-2-W1-83-2016 Download  Download  View

Brasebin, M., E. Buard, S. Christophe and F. Pelloie (2015) A knowledge base to classify and mix 3D rendering styles, 27th International Cartographic Conference (ICC'15), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil., doi:,422.html Download  View  View

Brasebin, M., J. Perret and R. Reuillon (2015) Stochastic Buildings Generation to assist in the design of Right to Build plans, Joint International Geoinformation Conference 2015 - 3D GeoInfo Download

Meneroux, Y. and M. Brasebin (2015) Towards a generic method for buildings-parcels vector data adjustement by least squares, 9th International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality (ISSDQ'2015) Download

He, S., J. Perret, M. Brasebin and M. Brédif (2014) A stochastic method for the generation of optimized building-layouts respecting urban regulation, ISPRS/IGU Joint International Conference on Geospatial Theory, Processing, Modelling and Applications 2014, Advances in Spatial Data Handling and Analysis - Select Papers from the 16th IGU Spatial Data Handling Symposium, Springer, doi:10.1007/978-3-319-19950-4_16 Download  View

Brasebin, M., J. Perret, S. Mustière and C. Weber (2012) Measuring the impact of 3D data geometric modeling on spatial analysis : illustration with Skyview factor., 3u3d2012: Usage, Usability, and Utility of 3D City models Download  Download  View  View

Brasebin, M., J. Perret and C. Haëck (2011) Towards a 3D geographic information system for the exploration of urban rules: application to the French local urban planning schemes, 28th urban data management symposium (UDMS 2011) Download  View

Buard, E. and M. Brasebin (2011) Visual exploration of large animal trajectories, 25th International Cartographic Conference (ICC'11) View  View  View

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