Propositions of COGIT


There is no PhD propositions from the laboratory at the moment


-Geovisualization of climate data and their uncertainties for global climate change understanding. - See the postdoc details

Research Internships

These offers mainly concern students in Master 2 or equivalent.

To candidate to one of these internships, please send an email to the people mentioned in the ''Contact'' section of the corresponding proposition with following attachments:
- a CV
- a motivation letter
- marks bills of the current year and last year

Additional documents could be requested in the internship proposition in the ''Contact'' section.

For students out of IGN the remuneration is about 30% of the minimum salary.

-Simulation de l’urbanisation et de son impact environnemental dans le cadre de la mise en place de la stratégie régionale « Éviter-Réduire-Compenser » de la Région Occitanie - Offer provided !

-Optimisation de l’exploration de styles de données géographiques - See the internship detail

-Géoréférencement des métadonnées de ressources patrimoniales et culturelles - See the internship detail

-Des clochers d’Ancien Régime aux paroisses constitutionnelles et premières communes (1789-1804) - See the internship detail

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