Eric Grosso

At COGIT team from 2004 to 2013


Research topic in the laboratory COGIT :

Service of geographical data integration: application to historical data in a recent referential.

PhD Thesis :

On-going PhD in computer sciences (Université La Rochelle - Laboratoire L3i):
Service for geographical data integration: application to integrate historical data in a recent referential
Supervised by Alain Bouju

Education :

  • ITGCE cycle at the National School of Geographic Sciences (ENSG)
  • Master GIS cartography, option digital cartography, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University.

Professional experience :

  • 2006-2007: Representation, handling and visualisation of multi representation DB, GeOxygene enrichment, GeOxygene project administrator and in charge of computers in the lab.
  • 2004-2005: In charge of researchs and studies at COGIT laboratory: Cartographic and topographic DB integration by automatic matching.
  • 2004: Internship at Ordnance Survey (England): Warping technique for an automatic cartographic generalisation process.
  • 2004: Internship at COGIT with Sébastien Mustière: Modelling and detection of roads exchanges in a road network.
  • 2003: Internship at Oxford University (England): Modelling GPS temporal series.

Skills :

Geographic sciences

  • Cartography
  • Geographic DB management
  • IGeographic DB integration (Automatic matiching)
  • GIS
  • Multiple representation

Computer sciences

  • Algorithmic, programming
  • Moding, UML
  • DBMS
  • Web

Publications :

- All publications of Eric Grosso

Technical and scientific associations :

Supervised internships :

  • 2009 : Analysis and characterisation of geographical data
    By Hugues Barrat (Licence 3 Géographie - Analyse Territoriale, Université Paris 1)
  • 2006 : Implementation of ergonomic tools for navigation in multi-represented geographic data
    By Jérôme Teng (Master ASIG, Université Marne-La-Vallée)
  • 2005 : Tattooing the geographic data bases
    By Ammar Mechouche (Master Informatique Intelligence Artificielle et Décision, Université Paris 6)

Teaching given at COGIT :

  • Data Base Management Systems,
    Master SIGCC, ENSG. 2009.
  • Geomarketing,
    Master SIGCC, ENSG. 2009.
  • Representing the territory: public data and geoportail,
    Master 2 Pro GéoEnvironnement / GéoRisques, Université de Marne-la-Vallée, Mines de Paris. Since 2009.
  • Classifying geographic data,
    Master 2 Pro GéoEnvironnement / GéoRisques, Université de Marne-la-Vallée, Mines de Paris. Since 2009.
  • Geographic data modelling,
    Master SIGCC, M2SIG, ENSG. Since 2008.
  • Metadata,
    Master SIGCC, Université de Marne-La-Vallée. Since 2008.
  • Inter-operability & open source softwares in geomatics,
    Master 2 SIG, ENSG. Since 2007.
  • Databases: definition, designing, modelling and implementation,
    Master Carthagéo, ENSG. 2005.
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