Cécile Duchêne (Dr, Habil.)

At COGIT team since 1997

Phone : 33 1 43 98 85 43

Contact : cecile.duchene(at)ign.fr


Research topic :

Generalisation automation of geographic data
Approach using multi-agents techniques

Habilitation :

Habilitation defended in 2016 (Université Paris Est):
Automation of cartographic generalisation - Relationships and interactions, orcherstration, and multi-agent approaches
Supervised by
- Download the Habilitation thesis

PhD Thesis :

PhD in data processing defended in 2004 (Université Paris 6):
Generalisation by communicating agents: the CARTECOM model. Application to the topographuc data in rural area.
Supervised by Jean-Pierre Briot, co-supervision : Anne Ruas and Christophe Cambier

- Download the PhD thesis (in French)

Education :

  • Geographical and cartographical state works engineer
  • MSc of digital cartography

Professional experience :

  • 1997-2000: Research engineer at COGIT Laboratory. Working on the AGENT European project
  • 2001-2004: PhD in automatic generalisation at COGIT
  • since 2004: Responsible for the research action on generalisation automation at IGN
  • 2014...:Researcher in geovisualisation
  • Skills :


    • Cartography
    • Spatial analysis
    • Automatic generalisation

    Computer science

    • Artificial intelligence, multi-agents systems
    • Modelisation, UML

    Publications :

    - All publications of Cécile Duchêne

    Finished PhD supervision :

    • Direction of Marion Dumont
      Cartographic Generalisation of Intermediate Scales in a Scale Pyramid
      (Université Paris-Est)
      Defended in 2018
    • Direction of Adrien Maudet
      Multi-levelling interactions in a generalisation model
      (Université Paris-Est)
      Defended in 2016
    • Co-supervision of Kusay Jaara
      Towards cartographic Mashups generalisation: takking into account the interdependence between thematic and referential data in a generalisation automation process
      (PhD directed by Anne Ruas, Université Paris-Est)
      Defended in 2015
    • Co-supervision of Guillaume Touya
      Management of a multi-model process to generalise heterogeneous geographical spaces
      (PhD directed by Anne Ruas, Université Paris-Est)
      Defended in 2011
    • Co-supervision of Julien Gaffuri
      Automatic generalisation to take into account the field objects: the model called GAEL (automatic generalisation on elastic agents)
      (PhD directed by Anne Ruas, Université de Marne la Vallée)
      Defended in 2008
    • Co-supervision of Patrick Taillandier
      Automatic knowledge revision helping state tree exploration. Application to geographic data generalisation
      (PhD directed by Alexis Drogoul, Université Paris-Est)
      Defended in 2008

    Technical and scientific associations :

    Supervised internships :

    • 2014 :
      By Julian Mauborgne ()
    • 2014 :
      By Jules Teulade ()
    • 2012 : Adaptation of the behavioral part of multi-agent model PADAWAN for problem solving in mapping
      By Adrien Maudet (Master Recherche IAC, Université Paris Sud)
    • 2011 : Adapting the mutli-agents model PADAWAN to solve a spatial issue: cartographic generalisation
      By Ala Atrash (Master 2 recherche mention Informatique, spécialité Information , Apprentissage et Cognition, Université Paris-Sud 11)
    • 2010 : Improvement of the main scheduler of multi-agents generalisation model CartACom
      By Gökhan Altay (Master2 Intelligence Artificielle et Décision, Université Paris 6)
    • 2008 :
      By Gautam Gastakia ()
    • 2005 : Analysis of a cartographic generalisation process with an automatic learning approach
      By Aurélie Dyèvre (Master IAD, Université Paris 6)
    • 2004 : Helping experts knowlege capture. Designing of tools for the data capture and analysis.
      By Matthieu Dadou (Mastère en sciences cognitives appliquées, Université Bordeaux 2)
      Contact : matthieu_dadou(at)hotmail.com
    • 2004 : Automatic propagation of geometric deformations on linear and surface objects
      By Cristel Legrand (DESS Informatique Appliquée aux Sciences de la Terre, Université Paris 6)
    • 2001 : Description of the spatial environment of a geographic object
      By Rafik Zerhouni (DEA Sciences de l'Information Géographique, Université Marne-la-Vallée)
    • 2000 : Development of a generalisation algorithm
      By Stéphane Rosnet (DUT Informatique, IUT Paris 5)
    • 2000 : Creation of standard shapes for the evaluation of the generalisation process
      By Yann Sciardis (DESS SIG et Cartographie, Université Paris 1)
    • 2000 : Evaluation of the generalised data quality
      By Sébastien Cochard (DESS Ingénierie Mathématique et Traitement du Signal, Université du Littoral (Calais))

    Teaching given at COGIT :

    • ,
      Cycle ingénieurs 2ème année de l'ENSG, Master 2 SIG de l'Université Paris-Est, ENSG. Since 2006.
    • ,
      Divers cycles d’enseignement de l'ENSG, ENSG. Since 2004.
    • ,
      Formation continue, ENSG. From 1998 to 2006.
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