Jean-François Gleyze (Dr)

At COGIT team from 1999 to 2011


Research topic in the laboratory COGIT :

Spatial analysis in the domains of geography, risks and networks
Geographic DB, risks, graphs theory, modeling and evaluating territorial networks, multi-levels networks.

-Report on risks

-Report on networks, transports and accessibility

Education :

PhD in geography defended in 2005 (Université Paris VII):
Structural vulnerability of transport in a context of risks
Supervised by Claude Grasland

- Download the PhD thesis (in French)

2000-2005 PhD in theoretical and epistemological analysis in Geography, Paris 7 University, with Claude Grasland as a supervisor
Topic : « Structural vulnerability of tranport networks in a hazard context »

1998-1999: MSc of theoretical and applied statistics , Paris 6 University
Spécialisations : Semi-parametrical models, Bootstrap et re sampling, linear model, data analysis, Aggregation and data classifictation, polls theory and examples.

Diploma of Geographer Engineer of ENSG

1997-1998 Integration of the Geographers Engineers body (included in the Ponts et Chaussées Engineers body since 2002)
Common courses of Geographer Engineers of ENSG at Marne-la-Vallée

1994-1997 Engineer graduated from l'Ecole Polytechnique – Promotion X94
Specialisations : applied mathematics, economics, physics, geophysics, architecture and land planning

Professional experience :

  • 2000-2005 : research and PhD in COGIT
  • since 2003 : responsible for « networks » topic of the Research Action dedicted to applications of geographic data bases

Technical and scientific contributions :

The goal of my PhD work is to determine the aspects of the networks screen explaining their vulnerability (the screen being the « map» of the network, that is to say ways superposition and as a result all the relational links between entities). As an example, when there is an incident at the subway station Opera, is the subway network disturbed because there are many people who pass to this place? Or because the network is badly configured at this place? Both? Concerning this point, I am interested particularly in network configuration and its impact on vulnerability.
For these problems, the PhD results give several keys :

  • the definition of structural vulnerability of a network,
  • the evaluation of this vulnerability through the temporal penalties induced by local damages,
  • understanding of this vulnerability through indicators which evaluate the part plays by the components of the network during a normal period, and indicators which qualify the components capacity of being avoided in the route or of helping the other components of the networkin case of damages.

Skills :


Spatial analysis
Territorial networks


Graphs theory
Probabilities, statistics

Publications :

- All publications of Jean-François Gleyze

Finished PhD supervision :

  • Co-supervision of Eric Mermet
    Conception of spatial analysis methods and tools to organise, explore and represent geographical information in a transport network
    (PhD directed by Anne Ruas, Marne-La-Vallée)
    Defended in 2011

Supervised internships :

  • 2005 : Implementation of a structural analysis tool for the transport networks
    By Xavier Gignac (INSA Lyon)
  • 2003 : Evaluating and managing the transport networks
    By Thomas Fernique (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon)
  • 2002 : Efficiency of a transport network. Application to the parisian subway network.
    By Marie Fouillet (IUP GMI, Université de Paris Dauphine)

Teaching given at COGIT :

  • Spatial analysis - quantitative analysis of transport networks in geography,
    cycles IT, MSIAG, MSIG, ENSG. Since 2003.
  • Probabilities, statistics, least squares,
    cycle MSIG, ENSG. Since 2001.
  • Mathematics,
    Concours de recrutement des Techniciens Géomètres, IGN. Since 2001.
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