Anne Ruas (Dr, Habil.)

At COGIT team from 1991 to 2011

Phone : + 33 1 81 66 80 99

Contact : anne.ruas(at)


Research topic in the laboratory COGIT :

Research IGN-F : generalisation, spatial analysis, multiple representation, cartography, urban space modelisation

Research IFSTTAR : representation of phenomenons

Habilitation :

Habilitation defended in 2004 (Université de Marne-la-Vallée):
Change the level of detail in the representation of geographic information
Supervised by Bernard Cervelle
- Download the Habilitation thesis

PhD Thesis :

PhD in gis defended in 1999 (Université de Marne la Vallée):
Model of data generalisation based on constraints and autonomy.
Supervised by Jacques Désarménien

- Download the PhD thesis (in French)

Education :

  • geographical and cartographical state works engineer at ENSG school (3 year) including a speciality in cartography(1 year)
  • Analyst (UFSI)
  • PhD in geocomputation

Professional experience :

1988-1991: production engineer at IGN

  • Adapting a SIG for map creation. Study of conception process of spatio maps SPOT- DB Carto.
  • Completing fieldwork in France and in Guinée Conakry.

1991-2000: Researcher at COGIT laboratory on generalisation strategies.
Responsible for researches in contextual generalisation.
1996-1999: PhD at Marne La Vallée University.

2000: IGN France International consultant.
IGM Audit in Argentine et Bolivie for 6 months.

2000-2011: Director of COGIT Laboratory.

Since 2011: Researcher at IFSTTAR (
in urban space modelisation

Technical and scientific contributions :

  • 93-97: Development of the research platform called Stratège : GIS OO dedicated to contextual generalisation, built on the software SMECI created by Ilog.
  • 98-99: Technical responsible for the European project AGENT.
  • since 2013, co-responsible for GdR Magis
  • Reading Committee of journals and conferences :
    • Journals: IJGIS, Revue Internationale de Géomatique,
    • Conferences: JSAGEO, SDH, GIScience, Autocarto, ICC.
  • Participation to Phd and ASR jury outside IGN :
    • Ally Peerbocus (thèse)
    • Martin Galanda (rapporteur, swiss PhD)
    • Jesus Palomar Vazquez (rapporteur, spanish PhD)
    • Céline LeHir (PhD)
    • Tao Cheng (rapporteur,ASR)
    • Omair Chaudry (rapporteur, english PhD)
    • Cyril De Runz
    • Fatima Ibannain (rapporteur, belgian PhD)
    • Vinzento Del Fatto (rapporteur, italian PhD)
    • Pierre Kowalski (rapporteur, PhD)
    • Thomas Devogèle (rapporteur, ASR)
    • Alina Dia Miron (rapporteur, PhD)
    • Ariane Mascret (rapporteur, PhD)
    • Didier Josselin (ASR)
    • Vitor Silva (rapporteur, Swiss PhD)
    • Thomas Louail (rapporteur, PhD)
    • Koussa Chockri (rapporteur, PhD)
    • Christine Plumejeaud (examinateur, PhD)
    • Serge Lhomme (rapporteur, PhD)
    • Bilel Soussi (PhD)
  • Member of scientific comitee : EIVP, ESGT, SHOM, GIS Science et Territoires

Skills :

Cartography; Generalisation, Semiology, Spatial analysis. Spatio-temporal modeling, Multi-agent system;

Publications :

- All publications of Anne Ruas

Finished PhD supervision :

  • Direction of Firas Bessadok
    Legends conception method to allow surfacic data co-visualisation on a portal
    (Université Paris-Est)
    Defended in 2015
  • Direction of Kusay Jaara
    Towards cartographic Mashups generalisation: takking into account the interdependence between thematic and referential data in a generalisation automation process
    (Université Paris-Est)
    Defended in 2015
  • Co-direction of Bertrand Dumenieu
    Un système d'information géographique pour le suivi d'objets historiques urbaines à travers l'espace et le temps
    (PhD co-directed by Maurizio Gribaudi, EHESS)
    Defended in 2015
  • Direction of Laurence Jolivet
    Modelling Animal Movements on a Geographical Space - Analyses and Simulation
    (Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, ED de Géographie de Paris)
    Defended in 2014
  • Co-direction of Elodie Buard
    Dynamics of the interactions between species and space – Linking movement pratices of herbivore populations and land cover changes in the Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe).
    (PhD co-directed by Léna Sanders, Université Paris 1)
    Defended in 2013
  • Co-direction of Francis Dhée

    (PhD co-directed by Gilles Palsky, Paris I)
    Defended in 2013
  • Direction of Nathalie Abadie
    Formalization, acquisition and implementation of knowledge for virtual integration of geographic databases: Specifications in the heart of the integration process
    (Université Paris-Est)
    Defended in 2012
  • Direction of Jean-François Girres
    A model to estimate geometric measurements imprecision on geographical data. Application to length and surface measurements.
    (Université Paris-Est)
    Defended in 2012
  • Direction of Eric Mermet
    Conception of spatial analysis methods and tools to organise, explore and represent geographical information in a transport network
    Defended in 2011
  • Direction of Guillaume Touya
    Management of a multi-model process to generalise heterogeneous geographical spaces
    (Université Paris-Est)
    Defended in 2011
  • Direction of Sidonie Christophe
    Helping users to make on-demand and original legends: proposition of a cooperative method to choose colours
    (Université de Marne-La-Vallée)
    Defended in 2009
  • Direction of Julien Gaffuri
    Automatic generalisation to take into account the field objects: the model called GAEL (automatic generalisation on elastic agents)
    (Université de Marne la Vallée)
    Defended in 2008
  • Direction of Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond
    Spatial data matching taking into account imprecise knowledge
    (Université de Marne-la-Vallée)
    Defended in 2008
  • Co-direction of Christelle Pierkot
    Processing the update of replicated geographical data
    (PhD co-directed by Abdelkader Hameurlain, Université de Toulouse)
    Defended in 2008
  • Direction of Benoit Poupeau
    3D modelling of soil and subsoil for the risks
    (Université de Marne-la-Vallée)
    Defended in 2008
  • Co-supervision of Elisabeth Chesneau
    Methodology of risks maps improvements by local analysis of cartographic contrasts
    (PhD directed by Gilles Palsky, Université de Marne La Vallée)
    Defended in 2006
  • Co-supervision of Hakima Kadri Dahmani
    Incremental updating of geographic data bases and maintaining of their coherence
    (PhD directed by Philippe Dague, Université de Saint Denis)
    Defended in 2005
  • Co-supervision of Cécile Duchêne
    Generalisation by communicating agents: the CARTECOM model. Application to the topographuc data in rural area.
    (PhD directed by Jean-Pierre Briot, Université Paris 6)
    Defended in 2004
  • Co-supervision of Sylvain Bard
    Evaluation method of quality of generalised geographic data. Application to urban data.
    (PhD directed by Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier, Université Paris 6)
    Defended in 2004
  • Co-supervision of Frédéric Hubert
    Model of users needs translation for the derivation of geographic data and their symbolisation on the Web.
    (PhD directed by Anne Nicolle, Université de Caen)
    Defended in 2003
  • Co-supervision of Fabien Ramos
    Modeling and validating a 3D operational GIS
    (PhD directed by Bernard Cervelle, Université de Marne La Vallée)
    Defended in 2003
  • Co-supervision of Bénédicte Bucher
    An environment for the cooperative design of applications based on geographical data.
    (PhD directed by François Bouillé, Université Paris 6)
    Defended in 2002
  • Co-supervision of Annabelle Boffet
    Method of creation of multi-levels information for urban cartographic generalisation
    (PhD directed by Jacques Ferber, Université de Marne la Vallée)
    Defended in 2001

Technical and scientific associations :

  • CFC (Cartography French Committee) Council Vice president
  • OEEPE Chairwoman for the working group about Generalisation 95-2000.
  • ACI: co-Chair of the commission about Generalisation, 2003-2007 and vice president since 2007 (
  • GdR SIGMA : co-responsible with Thérèse Libourel for the working group 'Multiple representation' (2004-2008)
  • GdR MAGIS : Council member, co-responsible with Lena Sanders of the working group on spatial dynamics (since 2009)
  • Responsible of the GeOpenSim project

Supervised internships :

  • 2006 : Floodings in St Louis of Senegal
    By Marine Chaumon (Master 2 SIG, Université de Marne La Vallée - ENSG)
  • 2006 :
    By Jean Buégec (INSA)
  • 2005 : Analysis of a cartographic generalisation process with an automatic learning approach
    By Aurélie Dyèvre (Master IAD, Université Paris 6)

Teaching given at COGIT :

  • Research in GIS,
    Master SIG, SIG : Recherche, ENSG Marne La Vallée. Since 2004.
  • Introduction to spatial analysis,
    Master SI, IT, Master SIG, Analyse spatiale, ENSG / MLV. Since 2003.
  • Introduction to GIS,
    DEA SIG; Master ATEG, . From 2002 to 2003.
  • Generalisation and Multiple representation,
    Nordic Summer School in Cartography, Norway. Given in English. 1995.
  • Graphic semiology,
    Formation continue, M2SIG, Master Géomatique, Cartographie, ENSG. From 1990 to 1994.
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