Laurence Jolivet (Dr)

At COGIT team since 2006

Phone : 33 1 43 98 80 00 + 72 31

Contact : laurence.jolivet(at)


Research Action
spatial dynamics

Research topic :

Modelisation of geographical space to analyse and animals journeys. Characterisation of visited places and identification of the influence of landscape elements on journeys based on several geographical data sources

Simulation of journeys taking into account spatial constraints. Study on the consequences of landscape modifications on modeled journeys.

PhD Thesis :

PhD in geography defended in 2014 (Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, ED de Géographie de Paris):
Modelling Animal Movements on a Geographical Space - Analyses and Simulation
Supervised by Anne Ruas and Marianne Cohen

- Download the PhD thesis (in French)

Education :

  • ITGCE at National School for Geographic Science (ENSG)
  • Carthagéo master at Geographic Institute - Paris I, Paris VII et ENSG

Professional experience :

  • 2005 : Internship at Pasteur Institute of Madagascar : cartography from Landsat ETM+ and Envisat images of habitat suitability of anophels, vectors of malariain the area of Antananarivo.
  • 2006 : Internship at the Institute of research for the development at Dakar : database creation including aerial photos, satellites images and data taken in the rural areas of Niakhar and Dakar. Relation between the database and demographic and epidemiologic surveys.
  • De 2006 à 2009 : In charge of studies and research in SISSI research topic. Work on the access to cartographic treatments. Development of prototype for on-demand cartography based on Web services ans specialised functions.
  • Since 2009 : COGIT PhD in the research topic about spatial analysis

Skills :

  • Cartography, GIS, image processing, spatial analysis
  • Development: Java
  • Languages : English, Spanish

Publications :

- All publications of Laurence Jolivet

PhD supervision in progress :

  • Co-supervision of Colin Kerouanton

    (PhD directed by Anne Loison, Université de Savoie)

Supervised internships :

  • 2017 : Cartographic visualization of place names extracted from narrative texts
    By Esteban Lorente-Galvez (Master 1 Géomatique, Université de Cergy-Pontoise)
  • 2016 :
    By Alexia Dublanche (Master 2 Environnement : Dynamiques des Territoires et des Sociétés, Université Paris IV, Paris-Sorbonne)
  • 2015 :
    By Florian Masson (Licence Pro SIG , Université de La Rochelle)
  • 2009 :
    By Stéphanie Beauvais (Master M1 Carthagéo, Université Paris 1)
  • 2008 : Characterisation and analysis of legends of European topographic maps
    By Jérémy Renard (Master M2 Carthagéo, Université Paris 1, ENSG)
    Contact : jeremy.renard(at)

Teaching given at COGIT :

  • Geographical data modelling,
    Master IST, Université Marne-la-Vallée. 2008.
  • ArcGIS,
    M2SIG, ENSG. 2008.
  • Cartography and Graphic Semiology,
    DC2, ENSG. From 2007 to 2008.
  • Introduction to Web Services,
    Master SIG, ENSG. Since 2007.
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