Jean-François Girres (Dr)

At COGIT team from 2009 to 2013


Research topic in the laboratory COGIT :

Cartographic generalisation : Conception of a software component for automated cartographic generalisation from a multi-represention database.

Geographical data quality : Realisation of a model to estimate the imprecision of surface and length measures computed from low-qualified geographical database.

PhD Thesis :

PhD in gis defended in 2012 (Université Paris-Est):
A model to estimate geometric measurements imprecision on geographical data. Application to length and surface measurements.
Supervised by Anne Ruas

- Download the PhD thesis (in French)

Education :

  • 2003-2004: master in mapping, GIS and physical planning (Univ. Rennes 2)
  • 2002-2003: Master in coastal, harbour and estuary planning (Univ. Caen)
  • 2000-2002: Master in geography, option in physical planning (University Rennes 2 / Pondichery University, India)
  • 1997-2000: Bachelor's degree in geography (University of Caen)

Professional experience :

  • since feb. 2012 : In charge of research in COGIT laboratory, research axis on cartographic generalisation
  • jan. 2009 - jan. 2012 : PhD in COGIT laboratory, on the thematic of the evaluation of geographical data quality
  • june 2006 - dec. 2008 : Engineer at the Research Institute for Development (IRD), Unity Espace S140, Cayenne (French Guyana).
    • Particpation to different research projects lead by the laboratory, in collaboration with French and Brasilian partners: Cartography of amazonian littoral (PROCLAM), relations environment-health (EREMIBA), landscape dynamics in Amazonia (BIODAM, IFN-KYOTO).
    • Operational management of satellite reception stations X Band (Spot 2, 4 & 5 ; Envisat) and L Band (NOAA ; SeaWiFS).
  • nov. 2004 - may 2006 : Engineer GIS at Rennes-Metropole, service of urban studies.
    Studies for the development of GIS applications :
    • Application for capture and diagnosis of PDE surveys (Plans for Enterprises Displacement)
    • Monitoring table for urbanism operations in the Local Program for Habitation
  • april-oct. 2004 : Internship at Rennes-Metropole, service of urban studies.
    « From mobility advice towards enterprises displacement plans: development of a GIS application ».
  • mars-sept. 2003 : Internship at PT Waindo Specterra (Jakarta, Indonésie)
    « Application of remote sensing and GIS for littoral planning. Realisation of a cartography of littoral ecosystem of Bontang (Kalimantan Est, Indonésie) ».

Skills :

Geographic sciences

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Satellite images treatment
  • Cartographic generalisation
  • Webmapping
  • Spatial analysis


  • Development (Java, C++, Python, VB...)
  • DBMS
  • Modelisation

Publications :

- All publications of Jean-François Girres

Teaching given at COGIT :

  • Geographical data quality,
    M2SIG et M2 GéoRisques, ENSG, Université Marne-la-Vallée. Since 2010.
  • Development projects on free GIS (QGIS, Jump),
    M2SIG et M2 GéoRisques, ENSG, Université Marne-la-Vallée. Since 2010.
  • GIS projects,
    M2 DDMEG, ENSG. From 2009 to 2011.
  • First steps in GIS and practical work of MapInfo,
    M2SIG, ENSG. From 2009 to 2010.
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