Bénédicte Bucher (Dr, Habil.)

At COGIT team since 1997

Phone : 33 1 43 98 83 15

Contact : benedicte.bucher(at)ign.fr


IGN Research Service Leader
Senior researcher
Research Action on Qualification et interopérabilité des référentiels

Research topic :

Spatial data infrastructures, geographic Web

Education :

PhD in geoscience defended in 2002 (Université Paris 6):
An environment for the cooperative design of applications based on geographical data.
Supervised by François Bouillé, co-supervision : Anne Ruas

- Download the PhD thesis (in French)

  • "Ingénieur des Ponts, des Eaux et des Forêts"
  • 2002: PhD in GeoSciences and Natural Resources from the University of ParisVI
  • 1997: Survey Engineer
  • 1992: Engineer from the Grande Ecole "Ecole Polytechnique"

Professional experience :

  • 1998 - 2002 : Reseacher at COGIT laboratory
  • 2002 - 2010: Research leader at COGIT laboratory on on-line access to geospatial information data and methods
  • Since 2010: Director of IGN research

Habilitation defended in 2009 (Université Paris-Est):
Towards on-demand online diffusion of geographic information
Supervised by Anne Ruas
- Download the ASR thesis

Technical and scientific contributions :

My research focuses on user access to geographic information available in data treatment and skills. Users can be internal to the IGN or not. I focused specifically on cataloging treatment, describe how to make them reusable, and assistance in drafting customized map on the Web (definition of requirements for the card, data selection, definition of cartographic styles). My other areas of research are looking for Geographic Information (as defined geographic search engine), collaborative editing of geographic content (whether unstructured content like Wikipedia or structured geographic data) and linked data .

Skills :


  • Geographic data infrastructure
  • Geographic Information Sytems, Cartography
  • Semantic Web

Computer sciences

  • Service-Oriented Architectures
  • Web programming
  • Artificial intelligence, Knowlege modeling and representing, Semantic Web
  • Object-oriented modeling, UML and java programing

Publications :

- All publications of Bénédicte Bucher

Finished PhD supervision :

  • Direction of Abdelfettah Feliachi
    Interlinking and visualizing georeferenced resources published on the Web of Data: an approach based on geographic reference data
    (Université Paris-Est)
    Defended in 2017
  • Co-direction of Jérémie Ory
    Knowledge for cartographic styles construction and perception: territories and cartographic practices
    (PhD co-directed by Sara Irina Fabrikant, Université Paris-Est)
    Defended in 2016
  • Direction of Benoît Costes
    Toward geo-historical reference data. A model of agregated graph for evaluating, integrating and analysing geo-historical networks
    (Université Paris-Est)
    Defended in 2016
  • Direction of Carmen Brando
    A reconciliation approach based on formal specifications for collaborative edition of geographic data
    (Université Paris-Est)
    Defended in 2013
  • Co-supervision of Sidonie Christophe
    Helping users to make on-demand and original legends: proposition of a cooperative method to choose colours
    (PhD directed by Anne Ruas, Université de Marne-La-Vallée)
    Defended in 2009
  • Co-supervision of Sandrine Balley
    Spatial data restructuration assistance on the Web - Towards a customised distribution of spatial information
    (PhD directed by Thérèse Libourel, Université Paris-Est)
    Defended in 2007
  • Co-supervision of Yann Abd-El-Kader
    A server of capture and metadata consultation of geographic treatments
    (PhD directed by Marinette Revenu, Université de Caen)
    Defended in 2006

Technical and scientific associations :

  • Participation to PhD and ASR jurys :
    • PhD of Yann Abd el Kader, Un serveur de saisie et de consultation de métadonnées sur les traitements géographiques, Université de Caen, 2006, examinatrice (co-encadrante)
    • PhD of Sandrine Balley, Aide à la restructuration de données géographiques sur le Web - Vers la diffusion à la carte d'information géographique, Université Paris Est, 2007, examinatrice (co-encadrante)
    • PhD of Sidonie Christophe, Aide à la conception de légendes personnalisées et originales : proposition d'une méthode coopérative pour le choix des couleurs, Université Paris Est, 2009, examinatrice (co-encadrante)
    • Autorisation to Supervise Research of Olivier Curé, On the relationships between databases and ontologies in the context of the Web of Data, Université Paris Est, 2010, rapporteuse
    • PhD of Mathieu Petit, Approche spatiale pour la caractérisation du contexte d'exécution d'un système d'information ubiquitaire, Ecole Navale, 2010, examinatrice
    • PhD of Damien Palaccio, Combinaison de critères par contraintes pour la Recherche d'Information Géographique, Université de Pau, 2010, rapporteuse
    • Autorisation to Supervise Research of Bénédicte Fruneau, L'interférométrie radar appliquée au suivi des mouvements de terrain et à l'étude du cycle sismique, Université Paris Est, 2011, examinatrice
  • Elected member of the AGILE association (Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe) 2010 to 2014
  • Correspondant of CFC to the commission de l'ACI 'Cartographie ubiquitaire'
  • Co-responsible for the axis of GdR SIGMA 'Echange, Mutualisation, Construction'
  • Participation (IGN scientific responsible) to the ANR project CONTINT Datalift 2011-2013
  • Participation toi the competitivity pole project Cap Digital TerraNumerica (finished)
  • Participation to the european project Spirit (finished)

Supervised internships :

  • 2012 : Extraction of knowledge about the scientific community in his writings GIS
    By Thomas Lebert (M2 Science de l’Information et des Bibliothèques, ENSSIB Villeurbanne, Univ. Claude Bernard de Lyon)
  • 2012 : Extraction of geographical knowledge in Wikipedia
    By Nassima Chenachena (Master 2 Recherche COSY "Concepts aux Systèmes" Informatique, Universié de Versailles)
  • 2010 : Using Web sites (Wikipedia, Flickr, Google) to characterize geographic objects
    By Léa Massiot (Master Informatique, mention traitement de l'information et exploitation des données, CNAM)
  • 2009 :
    By Charlotte Hoarau (Master M2 Carthagéo, Université Paris 1, ENSG)
    Contact : charlotte.hoarau(at)ign.fr
  • 2009 : Conception of an interface for the open-source platform GeOxygene
    By Sylvain Becuwe ()
  • 2009 : Semantic enrichment of a synthetic world
    By Ameur Boucheritte (M2SIG, ENSG)
  • 2005 : Visualisation and edition of a dynamic map on the Web
    By Jerome Desjacques (INSA Strasbourg)
  • 2005 : Definition of a XML model for hiking
    By Dirir Ibrahim Nour (Master Représentation des connaissances, Paris Dauphine)
  • 2003 : Compared representation of schemes and containing specifications
    By Gyorgyi Göder (DESS Cartographie Numérique et SIG, Université Paris 1, ENSG)
  • 2003 : Undertaking a consultation interface for generalisation treatments
    By Pascal Michaux (DESS Imagerie Electronique , Université Paris 6)
  • 2002 : Implementation of a geographic metadata server
    By Ali Taouss (DEA SIG, ENSG)
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