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CAC68 : Report on COGIT research from 2006 to 2008 -

CAC105 : Report on COGIT research from 2001 to 2005 -

Research actions 2005-2009

COGIT laboratory worked from 2005 to 2009 on 5 research actions :

Continuing the research action CONSUL, the objective of SISSI is to help the needs expression and the construction of its own data (maps, sets of data) using the needs and the resources available. In particular, SISSI studies the help of legend construction and of drescription of geographic treatments.

This research action is based on the PhD of Elisabeth Chesneau. It deals with analysis and improvement of colours contrasts in existing legends.

Continuing the research action GNOTO, GIGA works on automation of the generalisation process, in taking into account secondary objects, more complex than before, in studying the non-cartographic generalisation and in adding some mechanisms of process introspection to facilitate the development of the system.

BDMUL is dealing with integration of mulitsources data with multi-resolutions. In particular, the specifications of databasis are being described and methods of matching are being created, using imprecise knowledge.

Continuing the research actions URBAN and QUALR, XDOGS is dealing with topographic data in the domains of natural hazards and territorial phenomena linked to networks and buildings. This research action is more open to thematicians and aims at thinking about models and methods of analysis in order to create data relevant to society needs

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