Research action on Colours and legends


This research action is based on the PhD of Elisabeth Chesneau. It deals with analysis and improvement of colours contrasts in existing legends.

The action research in colour has been active from 2005 to 2009

Leader of the research action :
Anne Ruas



The objectives of the research action are to develop knowledge making possible the automatic improvement of the legends of maps on various displays (papers, screens), of various sizes (including the pocket PC and phones) and for various users (including the color blinds). The objective is not to study the aspects related to software architectures or formats such as the services Web, but to design analysis tools taking into account the constraints.

We would like in this research action to:

  • use semiology in a context of new displays and needs
  • develop automatic analysis methods working on
    • either only on the legend
    • or on the symbolised objects.

COGIT PhD on this topic

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