COGIT Laboratory Activities

Research axes

COGIT laboratory currently works on 2 research projects :

This research theme concerns proposing space-time models enabling a) data exploration b) analysis of regional dynamics c) a detailed analysis of an area in the analysis of phenomena and their dynamics.

Undergoing collaborative projets

COGIT Lab is currenly working within the following projects:

  • MAPSTYLE,Style formalization in map design - Expressive renderings and cartographic representations (2012-2016); with funds from ANR
  • CARTASUR, Mapping sound landscape (2012-2016); with funds from ADEME
  • ePLU, Plateform for sustainable development (2012-2015); with funds from FEDER
  • iSpace&Time, 4D GIS (2011-2014); with funds fromANR

- More info on undergoing or past projects at COGIT Lab

Teaching and doctoral studies

COGIT lab members teach in various courses, especially in those of IGN's school ENSG, like:

COGIT is member of the following docotral schools :

Master students, PhD students, and postdoctoral fellowships from the field of geography, computer science or GIS are welcome in the lab.

- Open positions for PhD, PostDoc, of training at COGIT Lab,

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