Collaborative projects of COGIT Laboratory

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Past projects

  • GeOnto -
    Constitution, alignment, comparison and exploitation of heterogeneous geographic ontologies (2007-2010)

  • TerraMagna -

  • PoSamu -
    Improving the performance of the urgent medical help (2010-2013)

This research project funded by ADEME focuses on the quality of the sound environment of urban areas. Its aim is to develop an indicator to assess the urban soundscape. For this, the project brings together researchers and professionals with complementary skills, such as computer scientists, geographers, architects, acousticians, and sociologists to develop new modes of visual representation of the sound environment. It also combines the development of technologies that promote participatory citizenship, recent research on indicators of sound quality and the potential of GIS to provide appropriate sound cards to different audiences.

  • MapStyle -
    Style formalization in map design - Expressive renderings and cartographic representations (2012-2016)

The main purpose of our project is to implement (semi) automatic methods of stylization to personalize a map design. Inspiration sources, such as artistic pieces but also existing maps, may improve graphic renderings and map quality.

We aim at analyzing methods coming from Computer Graphics in order to render cartographic data, while preserving cartographic constraints (legibility, efficiency, aesthetics).


We thus focus on some use cases in order to be able to formalize the concept of style in cartography. The automatic drawing of rocks area in mountain maps is still a problem: we try to solve this in using synthesis of vectorial textures. Then the covisualization of orthophotos and topomaps allow us exploring renderings between realism and abstraction. Finally, we consider artistic maps "in the manner of" an artist or an artistic movement, e.g inspiring by thus extracting some visual characteristics to be applied on cartographic data. All resulting map designs will be evaluated by related users with the help of visual tests, questionnaires and relevant indicators.

The project is in collaboration with INRIA (Maverick) - JoŽlle Thollot, IRIT - David Vanderhaeghe et IGN (COGIT/MATIS). The project is coordinated by Sidonie Christophe (COGIT/IGN)

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