Research team on visualization, interaction and immersion (GEOVIS)

Journées de la Recherche 2019 GeoVIS PhD's posters:

Evelyn Paiz Reyes
Qasem Safariallahkheili Pierre Biasutti Gauthier Fillières-Riveau
Evelyn Paiz Reyes Qasem Safariallahkheili Pierre Biasutti Gauthier Fillières-Riveau


The GeoVIS team provides geovisualization knowledge, methods and tools allowing various users to design graphic representations of spatio-temporal phenomena, and to infer spatio-temporal knowledge from the interaction with some dimensions of a phenomenon, based on spatial data (maps, imagery, 3D models, DTM, point clouds, etc.) and external data (texts, photographies, web data, thematic data, etc.). The heterogeneity (source, scale, content, precision, dimension, temporality) and the imprecision of these data and of represented phenomena imply to address the following issues:
The GeoVIS team contributes in geovisualization, which encompasses cartography, GIS, InfoVis, computer graphics and image processing fields of study.

  • Visualization : visual integration and complexity, abstraction and level of detail (generalization, symbolization), graphic representation (graphic semiology, style).
  • TouyaEtAl2017 BrasebinEtAl2016

  • Interaction between the users and the visualization, according to the support and use context, the users' tasks, and the visual characteristics or the specific spatial phenomena of study: interaction techniques and models, data and representations continuums, and also analysis and learning from interaction activities and traces.
  • TimeMachine 3DArch2019

  • Spatial Immersion, through devices facilitating visual, tactile and sensitive perception, and the design of geographical spaces: virtual, augmented and mixed realities, tactile maps.

DevauxEtAl2018 DevauxEtAl2018 ACTIVMAP

These issues require to address the following transverse problems:
  • Graphic rendering: improvement of the physical rendering of images, geometric and radiometric analysis, web diffusion of massive data, and real-time 3D rendering.
  • Bredif Lelegard

  • User experience (UX): visual tests, surveys, and prototypes.

Members of the GEOVIS team


Main on-going projects

  • UrCLIM (ERA4CS, 2017-2020): Advances on urban Climate Services (porteur: Valéry Masson (MétéoFrance)
  • UrbaRiskLab (I-SITE FUTURE, 2018)
  • ALEGORIA (ANR, 2018-2021): Advanced Linking And Exploitation Of DiGitized Ge0gRaphic Iconographic HeritAge (porteuse: V. Gouet-Brunet (IGN))
  • SODUCO (ANR, 2019-2022): Dynamiques Sociales en contexte urbain: outils, modèles et données libres -- Paris et ses banlieues, 1789-1950 (porteur: J. Perret (IGN))
  • MapMuxing (ANR, 2014-2019): Techniques de multiplexing cartographique (porteur: G. Touya (IGN))

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